Oriental and Persian Rug Color Restoration

An oriental or Persian rug is often considered a treasure by their owners.  They are loved and valued far beyond what one might imagine.  There are two main reasons for this:  Emotional attachment and Financial attachment.

For some people, an Oriental or Persian Rug is a heirloom passed down from generation to generation.  These folks remember playing on this rug when they were a child and have many fond memories of their loved ones in connection to the rug.  On a similar note, sometimes people are attached to Persian rugs because it brings back memories of a favorite trip abroad when where they spent hours perusing the various rugs and finally selected the perfect one to bring back home.  These people have an emotional attachment to the rug which makes it priceless regardless of financial value.

The other reason people are so attached to their Persian Rug is financial.  People sometimes spend countless hours doing research to find just the right rug to make an investment in. They do research and find high quality wool with the best dyes and the finest knots, perhaps they selected a rich and luxurious silk piece.   Or they had a rug custom woven to their exact color and size and pattern to fit perfectly in their home.  It is not uncommon for these folks to have spent tens of thousands of dollars on one rug.

No matter which category they belong to rug owners LOVE their Persian Rugs!

So, what happens when over time, the richness of the colors begins to fade and the spot nearest the door has become especially light?  Or the cute little puppy has caused discoloration in their favorite rug?  Rug owners are devastated!  BUT WAIT, WE CAN HELP!

Color repair specialists such as myself can use high quality acid dyes to restore your beloved rug back to their original beauty!

There are various methods that we can use depending on the intricacy of the pattern and the amount of color loss.  In larger areas, we might use a sprayer, whereas the smallest details can be restored with syringes or airbrushes.   Call today to discuss which method is right for your rug!


Common Causes for Discoloration 

There are five major reasons that a rug may become discolored.

1.  Sun Fading – Why Does it Bleach and Fade Your Oriental or Persian Rug?

How does sun fade affect a rug?

Sun fading does what its name implies – it fades the colors on your rug. The colors will eventually get weaker and weaker, destroying the vibrancy and beauty of the rug.

  • Lighter shades will usually fade more quickly than darker shades simply because they contain less dye to begin with.
  • Sometimes fading results in color change.  For example, an Orange rug may appear to be yellow over time.  This is because yellow and red make orange and if the red in the rug is more affected by sun fading than the yellow, (which is almost always the case) the red will disappear, leaving yellow, so the original Orange color will look yellower.
  • Colors may fade uniformly, appearing as a lighter shade of the original color.

What causes Sun Fade and can it be prevented?

Oriental and Persian Rugs are sensitive to UV radiation which breaks breaks the bonds that keep their fibers together. The extent of damage will depend upon:

  • Where the item is placed.
  • The amount of exposure to light.
  • The intensity of a color.
  • The type of dyes.
  • The dyeing method used.

How to Prevent Sun Fading –

  1. Cover your window during the sunniest part of the day.
  2.   Put UV filters on your window to help block the harmful rays of light
  3.   Placing the rugs in locations where they do not get direct sunlight

2.  Bleach Spots from Spills

Bleach can destroy a wool rug, it will literally eat through the fibers so NEVER use bleach on or near a wool rug. If the bleach spill is recent, call us IMMEDIATELY so we can neutralize the bleach before it causes considerable damage.

f left unneutralized, the bleach will remain active forever, it will however lose potency over time. The longer it sits unneutralized, the whiter the spot will become.

If you have a rug that is damaged by bleach and the bleach has removed color,  we can replace the color by dyeing. After dyeing, there should be no noticeable difference; there are few things in life that give you such a perfect second chance. Call today to discuss your situation!

3.  Harsh Chemicals

Carpet cleaning spotters are way too strong to be used on delicate wool.  This includes the chemicals that carpet cleaner use on your wall to wall carpet.  Over time color loss can occur.  Other offenders are toilet bowl cleaners, acne medicine and laundry spot removers. This category is quite similar to bleach in most regards!

4.  Pet Urine

Pet urine can certainly cause color loss or discoloration.  When your pet urinates, it is very hot and acidic when it first hits the rug.  This combination drives the urine deep into the pile of the rug.  Over time it crystallizes and becomes alkaline.  It is in this state that it does the most damage.  If not properly removed it will certainly remove color from your lovely rug and leave round ugly spots.  Once again, Full Spectrum Carpet Dyeing can replace the color loss and bring your Oriental or Persian Rug back to life.

5.  Stains!

Nearly everything can cause a stain. Although more difficult than with carpets, if you have any stains on your rug, we can eliminate most stains! Stains are mostly self-explanatory, however, if you would like more in depth information on stains, please visit our page on stain removal or our blog on the difference between spots and stains!

We promise to treat your valuable rug, whether emotionally valuable or financially valuable rug as if it were our own.  Call today and restore your rug to its original beauty!