Top 10 things that can bleach your carpet- some of these may surprise you

10.  Bleach-Most people are not surprised to hear that bleach will bleach your carpet.  What you may not realize though is that it will continue to bleach your carpet until it is neutralized.  Even 20 years later, bleach is still active and continuing to remove color (although it does lose its potency over time, so at a much-reduced rate.) We can neutralize the bleach and dye your carpet back to its original color. Watch a video of the bleach spot repair

9.  Acne Medicine-Acne medicines contain benzoyl peroxide when mixed with water it becomes Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide can bleach certain carpets.  Some acne medicines are stronger than others and some carpets, such as wool are more sensitive and more likely to lose color. Carpet Stain removers-

8  .Over the counter carpet stain removers do work, the problem is that they sometimes work too well. Stain removers are designed to remove color from your carpet.  However, they cannot distinguish between the color of the stain and the color of your carpet and may remove both.

7.  Pet Urine- Pet urine is extremely hard on carpet.  Pet urine goes on hot and therefore penetrates deeply as the temperature opens the fibers on the carpet.  It also goes on acidic.  Over time the urine dries and becomes crystals that are alkaline.  It is in this form that they do the most damage.  Alkaline products are very harsh on carpet fibers and can strip them of color.

6.  Peroxide- Peroxide is in many products. Acne medicine as stated above but also household cleaners, dish soaps, face products, carpet spotters and laundry products contain various forms of peroxide.  While most products only contain small amounts of peroxide that usually won’t harm carpet, large amounts of the product left on the carpet can cause discoloration. Even small amounts of the product left for long periods of time on your carpet can cause color loss.

5.  Toilet Bowl Cleaners- Toilet bowl cleaners and clog removers such as Drano are highly acidic products and can remove color from the carpet. They will remove different colors th from your carpet than bleach will so the lightened area will not look like a bleach spot (yellowish orange) but may be purplish in color.  It is still color loss.  This can be redyed to its original color.

4.  Oxi Products-While good for your laundry, they are not good for your carpet.  Oxi products contain brighteners that can lighten your carpet color. Unless neutralized, they continue to work and over time will leave the area lighter than you would like.

3.  Teeth whiteners-Teeth whiteners contain carbamide peroxide which is hydrogen peroxide combined with urea (an aqueous solution). Tooth whitening products containing carbamide peroxide typically range from concentrations of 10% or less to 22%. Professional products may contain as much as 35%.  Either way if they get on your carpet you may experience color loss.

2.  Pesticides and fertilizers– Both products can cause color loss if they come in direct contact with the carpet.  While the problem was more prominent in the 1980’s some products still contain ingredients that can cause color loss.

  1. Sun- This one may surprise you –  2-3% of color is lost EVERY YEAR due to the sun.  This color fading can be replaced leaving your carpets looking richer and almost as good as new.

Hopefully you will never need to call us for color loss/bleach spot services. But if you do you can count on  Full Spectrum Carpet Dyeing.  We can replace all forms of color loss at a fraction of the cost of carpet replacement.  Call today for a free estimate.  720-439-8882 We serve Longmont, Colorado and most of the Front Range.


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