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If you want fresh, new looking carpet, carpet cleaning and carpet cleaner products are not enough. These products are designed to remove dirt and other additives, not restore a rooms original vitality.

Every year carpets lose approximately 2-3% of their original color to sun fade no matter how well you take care of them. Areas in direct sunlight can lose considerably more.  As a result, even the best carpet cleaner cannot restore the look that is lost when color loss 0ccurs.

Our ColorCleanTM service is designed to restore the 2-3% of color that is lost annually while simultaneously cleaning your carpet. Combined, the cleaning and dyeing leave the carpet looking richer and more like the day you installed it. Use our ColorCleanTM process annually in place of traditional cleaning to keep the carpet looking its best.

Once the service is completed you can vacuum and clean the carpets the way you always have.

carpet tinting before  carpet tinting after

This picture shows the power of Color CleanTM.   High maintance colors can be deepened without noticable altering the decor.  Not only does the service leave your carpet looking clean and fresh, it also leaves it looking even and uniform.

Rather than spending your hard earned money on a traditional carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning service – try Color CleanTM, a real long-term money saving solution.

Find more information about our dyes and dyeing process here!

Why buy when you can dye?

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