Do you only serve Boulder County?

NO! We serve the following cities:

Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins, Loveland, Louisville,

Broomfield, Westminster, Firestone, Berthoud, Mead,

Frederick, Erie, Lafayette, Campion, and Gunbarrel!


We serve the Denver Metro Area North of I-70

This includes but is not limited to: Broomfield, Arvada

Denver, Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton , and more!

Are the dyes child and pet friendly?

YES! Our dyes are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odor free. Our dyes are completely safe for you, your family and your pets.

How long does it take to dry?

The dyes are colorfast immediately so you can walk on the carpet right away, but just like with any carpet cleaning, they will be damp when we leave. The carpets should dry completely dry in a couple of hours.

How long will the color last?

The dyes we use are permanent and guaranteed to last the life of the carpet.

What kind of dye do you use?

We use dyes that are custom made for our application. The dyes are permanent and are guaranteed to be colorfast for the life of your carpet. The dyes we use are non-toxic, odorless and will not leave residue in your carpet like powdered dyes can. Our dyes have been used in the White House and the Palace of Dubai since 2011. So you can rest assured you are getting the best dyes available.

How long does the dyeing process take?

We will meet with you in your home and evaluate your particular needs. Stain removal and bleach spot repair are usually pretty quick thanks to our custom designed ColorCue™ app and our extensive training.

Can all carpet be dyed?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Polypropylene, Olefin and Polyester carpets cannot be dyed . The best way to determine if your carpet can be dyed is to mail us a couple of strands of your carpet. These can be taken from a closet or from under a heat duct. We would be happy to test your carpet at no cost to you. if you are really curious about what type of carpet you have you can go to this website for fiber id.

Why should I dye my carpet/rug?

If you are unhappy with your carpet or rug, whether because you just don’t like the color or if there are unsightly spots or stains. Dyeing is considerably cheaper alternative to replacement and you can feel good about helping our environment at the same time.   Carpet that is removed from the home is taken to a landfill. Since carpet is not biodegradable it will sit there, taking up space for a very long time.

What can I expect?

First we will determine if the carpet can be dyed.  We will then set up an appointment to meet with you in your home and do the work.
Bleach spot repair and stain removal require little to no prep work and can be done even if you are not home.

We will then treat the carpet with our dyes and they will be colorfast immediately. We will then extract any remaining moisture. You will be able to walk on the carpets immediately and they will be dry in a few hours.

Contact us is you have any other questions or would like to get started.