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Hello, My Name is Wendy Billings and I own and operate Full Spectrum Carpet Dyeing with my son Nathan Durazo.  We use Carpet Dye to restore the beauty to your home.

My background in Carpet and Rug Cleaning and my long time love of color, art and crafts meld together beautifully to form a company that will leave your carpet looking transformed!   A carpet to DYE for.

I am certified in Carpet and Rug Dyeing, Color Restoration and Color Repair by Certified Dye Master Chris Howell. I also have certifications with the Wool Safe Organization,  While working at Imperial Rug Cleaning, I was Textile Pro Trained, ARCS trained. In addition I have completed a 3 day Rug ID course with Ellen Amirkhan, founder of the  Rug Master Cleaner program, appraiser and one of the Rug industry’s top authorities in Rug ID.

Nathan has training in Carpet Dye, Rug Dye, Color Restoration and Color Repair.  Nathan also has training in rug cleaning.

My son and I both served honorably in the United States Military. We believe strongly in our country and wish to give back to other veterans.  We offer a 10% discount on all our services to United States Veterans.

Education is important to us and we try to complete continuing education every year.

About our Carpet Dye

What kind of  carpet dye do you use and are the carpet dye safe?

YES!  Our high quality carpet dye is non-toxic and odor free. Rest assured our carpet dye is completely safe for you, your family and your pets.

Our carpet dye is  immediately colorfast once it strikes the carpet.  No carpet dye is transferable once they are applied to the carpet.  In fact, we   guarantee them to be permanent for the life of your carpet.   Because the dyes we use are liquid, they will not leave residues in your carpet like powdered dyes can.  The very same dyes are used on a regular basis in the White House, the United States Institute of Peace and the Palace of Dubai and have been since 2011.

About Carpet Dyeing

The average lifespan of  a good quality residential carpet is 10-15 years.  Carpet is often replaced sooner due to fading, discoloration, or staining. Or it can be replaced due to a color change in the décor.  Because most people aren’t aware that carpets can be restored to their original luster or that you can change the color entirely by dyeing them, they spend way more than they should and have their carpets replaced.  While you can’t dye carpets lighter, you can switch color families if you have a light colored carpet to begin with.

What Carpets can be dyed?  FIbers that are good candidates for Carpet Dyeing are Nylon and Wool. However, Olefin, Polypropylene and Polyester carpets contain no dye sites and therefore cannot be dyed.

How can I tell if my carpet can be dyed? Certainly the most reliable way to know for sure is for us to test your carpet.  You can send us a couple of strands of your carpet and we will be happy to test them for dye ability.  Simply snip a few from the closet or under a heat vent.  There is no charge for this service.

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